5 Ways To Properly Take a Bath

5 Ways To Properly Take a Bath

Showers are essential when in a hurry, but a bath can help you relax, unwind and recuperate. Consider yourself an at home spa aficionado? If so, you probably already have a go-to regimen you prefer. While there are all sorts of factors that make your soaking experience more enjoyable each time, there are a 5 things that everyone needs in order to properly take a bath.


Bath Salts

Pour some scented bath salts into your bath to relieve muscle aches, soreness and tension while treating the senses. The epsom salt that is included in the formula of bath salts naturally reduces inflammation and provides gentle topical detoxification.


Rose Pedals

Rose petals soften your bath water, thus leaving your skin feeling silky soft to the touch and looking gorgeous. They also fill your tub with loads of soothing fragrance and lots of beauty!


Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are fizzy little balls that can bring tons of fun and excitement to bath time! Drop a bath bomb in your filled tub and watch the show as your bath fills up with scented bubbles and skin-loving oils.



Lighting a candle or two before hopping in the tub is a great way to enhance your bathing experiences. In the mood for romance? Try sensually scented aromatherapy candles to create a romantic ambiance. Had a long day and need to de-stress? A calming candle scent, such as lavender or chamomile, is recommended.



Now that you have prepped your bath and lit your candles, put some tunes on to feed your soul. Soundscapes are generally a top choice among those wanting to escape the stresses of daily life, while slow jams are always a hit among those preparing baths to spark romance.


            Ready to take your next bath experience above and beyond the ordinary? Gather your spa supplies and get to it!


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